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If you are a student, you probably know at this point that it’s fairly difficult to keep up with your assignments – particularly if you have them piling up by the end of the semester. You need to sleep, after all – but having too many projects at hand pretty much forces you into sleepless nights on end.

At this point in life, you discover that an essay writing service such as can be a lifesaver – or at least a sleep saver. Still, unless you choose the one with the right services, a good grade can become a fail grade – so you need to be particularly careful when you choose.

To test Essay Corp, I decided that the best way was to order a paper and see what I receive in return for my payment. Plus, I also went through various customer reviews of EssayCorp, to make sure any potential good results were not just a fluke.

The Services Offered is like the other hundred essay writing services on the internet, in the sense that it provides academic writing (term papers, essays, dissertations, etc) to every student in need. Plus, they also offer extras such as editing, proofreading, career writing, and even business writing.

The business opened around 2012, and the feedback attests to this. I have found testimonials that go as far as 2013, which means that they should have had enough time to hone their skills.

The papers offered by them are written by specialists in the area, chosen based on the domain. For example, if your paper is on American History, they will choose someone that already has experience in the subject.

The Quality Resulted

Considering the advertising they provide on their website, you would expect that that the quality of the writing would be superior. Still, when you look through the samples and their website content, you can see that it’s far from it. The structural and grammatical errors make us think that the writers are not native in the English language – which is a great flaw, considering that they boast native speakers.

Almost every review I came across was negative, except for the on-site comments. Those were obviously chosen to make the company look good, and were probably the “flukes” that managed to make customers happy.

The paper that I have ordered also had the same issues – riddled with grammatical errors from head to toe. The writer was either sloppy or simply did not know much about the English language. You do get the paper, however, so it’s safe to say that the company does not plan on scamming you for your money. The quality is the only shady thing in this business.

Customer Support, Writers, and Prices

The company mentions that they have 24/7 customer support via live chat or telephone. Still, considering how often I called without receiving an answer, I am starting to believe it’s a 24/7 “away” support. Each time I tried to contact Essay Corp, I would not receive an answer or would have to leave a message – obviously, without being contacted afterward. I would have felt better if they at least gave me the “Seen,” just to know if they actually bothered to read it.

The writers are also ghosts, in the sense that we know nothing about them. We know that there are over 4500 writers working for them and that all of them have a degree. Their claim is that every paper goes through a plagiarism checker and an editor – but the paper I received makes me doubt that. Indeed, the paper was not plagiarized, but it sure did not go through an editor either.

Considering that I could not contact the customer support, I could not contact my writer either. The order form with the details sent were our only form of communication, and the next time I heard of them was when I received the final draft – which obviously needed more working on

Prices are based on a bidding system, so the price is offered to you by the writer. For that reason, there are no discounts, coupon codes, or even a promo code.

Overall, I can’t say I recommend the services provided by, mostly because of the quality in writing. They are legitimate, but it’s not worth a bad grade for a good price. My rating for them is “Poor.”

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