At first glance, seems to offer the regular writing services that you can find in the field. As the name suggests, its focus is academic writing: this means essays, research papers, admission letters, among others. On top of that, the company also advertises services aimed at professionals: their business writing consists on official announcements, statements, and general copywriting. Last, but not least, they offer proofreading and editing services.

As we all know, it isn’t until you test their services that you know what stands behind the promises. We have done our research about the company and then ordered our own paper in order to give a completely informed verdict to our review.

One of the first things we noticed is the lack of written copyright dates throughout their website. This indicates that they most likely have not been on the market for a while, as they claim.

We have carefully studied the site in order to see if their promises and testimonials are any different from what customer reviews off-site reported. Coupled with our own experience, we have reached a conclusion that will be reported based on the following criteria.

Service Quality
The company claims to have the majority of their writers as US and UK natives, with ESL students taking your request only if you specifically ask for it. However, the writing samples on their website, as well as our own paper, presented several grammatical errors and faulty choice of words that lead us to believe foreign writers are being used more often than claimed. We clearly requested a US writer for the task, something that the company definitely didn’t listen to.

Overall, the writing quality was enough to call it average for this field. It is not the disaster seen at other similar services, yet it’s still disappointing to see how few of them actually offer the quality advertised. Other customers reported similar impressions.

Staff and Support
Despite claiming to have experienced native US and UK writers of excellent education, there is no information to be found about any of them.

One positive thing to say about their staff is that the support department was satisfactory. Reasonable questions regarding details of our order were properly answered.

Buy Essay Online has prices on the high range for this type of service: $16.50/page for a high school student is an expensive starting point. On the bright side, the $44.20/page for Ph.D writing with short deadlines is lower than the average.

Our 8-page long paper with a 6-day deadline costed $235.80, which is significantly above other services.

Features and discounts
The website is below average when it comes to discounts. Although we spotted a promo code field when placing an order, to receive one we had to contact customer support on our own initiative. We ultimately received a coupon code that provided us with a 7% discount, fairly low compared to what competitors offer.

BuyEssayOnline is barely above average for this field but it also depends on your priorities. The delivery was on time and the support department was helpful. But on the other hand, the writing quality presented some mistakes and the prices are high. Not a scam, but nothing remarkable either. Our rating is 2.75 out of 5 stars.

Review of BuyEssayOnline


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