All my acquaintances at home and at school describe me as “the girl with big eyes, a white face, and petite.” Due to my tiny appearance, they treat me as if I were a fragile being inside a bubble. However, I consider myself a ‘solid rock’ who can tackle every situation regardless of the difficulty. Despite my appearance, I am a determined individual with strong commitment to everything I do. I have utilized this character to pursue my goals and career regardless of all the frustrations I have experienced.

I realized my commitment and determination traits after completing high school when I decided to apply for college. I always dreamt of becoming part of the Cornell University with an intention of pursuing a major in Policy Analysis and Management in order to fulfill my prolonged interest of becoming a lawyer. However, I was not lucky to see my dream come true at the time; I felt completely shattered when my application at Cornell was turned down. When I opened the sealed envelope from the institution with the first word being “sorry”, I fell hard since my ambition in life seemed to be betrayed.

Nonetheless, I could not forgo my dream; I knew I had to look for an alternative way to get a chance at my desired University. Once I saw the announcement on  about Cornell’s transfer program and I decided to apply for it; I succeeded to get an opportunity at Berkley where I registered for General Chemistry. I struggled hard to get good grades since the course was very technical; I spent most of my time in the library with lack of sleep most of the nights. I had to go out of my way to get extra tuition in order to get excellent performance. It was not easy, but I felt a compelling motivation to make a greater endeavor and ensure I attained my goal of becoming part of Cornell. After my first semester, my commitment finally paid. I received a ‘congratulation’ letter from Cornel accepting my admission.

Through my determination and commitment, I succeeded to attend the college I ever wanted. No one understood why I had to transfer from Berkley to Cornell yet they are equally great schools. Most people saw my transfer choice as being irrational; however, my acceptance at Cornell meant everything to me. Along my path to getting an opportunity at the institution of my dream, I have undergone a lot of frustrations including doing a complex course at Berkley. But I believe that through my perseverance and determination, I manage to attend the Cornell University.

This life time experience of being determined has strengthened my career and life choices. Due to my plan of getting better education at Cornell and being able to get it shows my ambitious nature. I will be able to pursue my dream of becoming a professional lawyer regardless of the challenges ahead. Just as I have been committed to get a chance at Cornell, I will be aggressive and determined to serve and represent the society through my experience and skills. I would also wish to contribute to the law faculty as well as students in the similar field.


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