Wind turbines are those huge white pinwheels that dot the plains of Kansas and other windy parts of the country. As they become a popular source of alternative energy, the job demand for technicians is skyrocketing! Technicians works to install and maintain wind turbines. For this job, you must be willing to spend a lot of time outside, and it’s not recommended for people who are scared of heights.

Sales Consultant

This highest paying job without a degree involves all activities relating to the planning and coordination of distribution, transportation, or storage. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers are responsible for directing these activities in accordance with government regulations and organizational policies. Tasks include planning and implementing warehouse safety, supervising shipping, receiving, storing, and testing of products, and integrating logistics with business operations. With just a high school diploma and five years of experience getting things where they need to go, you can level up to this higher position and higher salary.

First-line supervisors in this occupation directly oversee detectives and police officers, and they offer expertise in coordinating the investigation of criminal cases. Responsibilities include the training and management of personnel to conduct police operations according to the law. With just a high school diploma required, you’ll be well-rewarded for rising up through the police force with a close to six-figure salary.

While airline pilots typically need a bachelor’s degree, commercial pilots perform a similar job without one. Commercial pilots operate and fly aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes that aren’t affiliated with airlines. Their responsibilities include preparing and inspecting aircraft conditions, making flight plans, communicating with air traffic controllers, and navigating aircraft. Unlike airline pilots, commercial pilots generally perform unscheduled flights such as charter flights and aerial tours. Reap the benefits of pilot’s salary while getting to stay closer to home.

Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

Installers and repairers of elevators and escalators are tasked with fixing, maintaining, and installing lifts and movable walkways. This occupation requires workers to work at tall heights and in cramped spaces. Full-time workers may have to work overtime or be on call for entire days. Despite the working conditions, they’re compensated well. Start your path to becoming an elevator and escalator installer or repairer by obtaining a high school diploma and gaining experience with an apprenticeship.

Supervisors in this career are responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work of firefighters and any others involved in fire prevention and control. Firefighting supervisors function as leaders of their crew and are involved in communicating fire details to all personnel, administering medical services, assessing fires, and strategically assigning firefighters to rescue and extinguish fires. You can work your way up to this supervisory position in less than five years and start earning well above the standard median income in the United States.


Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy is all about helping people learn and practice skills to live and work. Most occupational therapy takes place after someone has had an accident, or for elderly people who need help performing daily tasks around their homes. Occupational therapy assistants work with therapists and doctors to help patients in hospitals, nursing homes and therapy offices. It’s an active and interactive job that gives you plenty of opportunities to work with people! Plus, the job growth prospects are looking solid.

Executive assistants assist leaders in businesses or nonprofits. They manage the executive’s schedule, communicate on their behalf, and perform a wide variety of office tasks to keep the organization running. They’re the behind-the-scenes support to the most powerful men and women in any given organization.

Wrapping Up – Avoid The Student Debt Trap

While this article may paint a scenario where the reader thinks there is no value in a college degree, we assure you this is not the intention. Education serves its purpose, but the fact is that many people end up studying courses that offer no value in their future career.

Perhaps it’s time to take a different approach to the situation. What if people had to work for ten years after high school, and then only had the option to study in their thirties? Maybe this approach would mean the student would have enough savings from their salary to afford college without a loan?

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